Our Values

The law firm was established in 1978 by Björn Rosengren, who at that time had ten years of attorney’s activities at the law firm Henning Sjöström.

The mottos of our law firm "Order, accuracy, commitment" and "Done is done" show that our efforts are always to work with unbroken loyalty in relation to our clients without a thought for other interests and get things off our hands.

Legal knowledge is the foundation stone but in order to reach an optimum solution, many problems require a broader approach and a greater creativity than can be found in the code of laws.

With kindness and sound judgement you will get far but from time to time actions are needed that may put the lawyer in an awkward and difficult situation with attacks from opposite parties, public institutions and media. If the fight is necessary to protect the interests of the client, the lawyer must cope.

We shall solve problems - not create them.

Björn Rosengren