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A Notary Public assists private individuals by witnessing legal documents, signatures, and translations and by issuing endorsements (apostille). An apostille is a certificate or endorsement issued for documents that will be presented in a foreign country; when properly witnessed and stamped by a Notary Public, these documents are considered exempt from the attestation requirement in other countries as outlined in the Hague Convention (Convention of 5 October 1961: Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents).

Upon certifying authorized company signatories, proof in the form of an extract from the Swedish Company Registration Office (Bolagsverket) is required, showing who is authorized to sign for the company. These services require presentation of your documents in person at our offices as well as valid photo identification.

The Notary Public services we provide include the witnessing and certification of documents pertaining to:
  • Powers of attorney
  • Report cards/certificates
  • Translations
  • Adoption documents
  • Company records
  • Deeds of sale
  • Birth certificates
  • Personal registration certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • Apostille

Apostille according to the Hague Convention

An apostille is a label on a document that confirms that a signature on the document is authentic. Apostille labels are used for documents who will be shown in another country for members in the apostille contract.

As the document gets labelled it’s exempted to be shown again and doesn’t need an extra approval from a foreign embassy. Therefore, the stamp works as a kind of license and authorization. It’s only Notary public that are authorized to accomplish apostille stamps.

Following are examples of documents that can get an apostille right away
  • Documents by public authorities, for instance documents from Skatteverket, the authority that handles tax questions and Socialstyrelsen, the authority whose task is to handle health and welfare issues including everyone’s right to equal care.
  • Different transcripts and extracts.
  • Legal documents from court, for instance divorce papers.
  • Certificates and grades from schools including university, college and community schools.
  • Documents signed by Notary public or the Swedish chamber of commerce.
  • Translations made from authorized translators.
  • Transcripts from birth and wedding records.

To issue an apostille the original document must also include the following:
  • An original label from the public authority that executed the document and the name of the authority.
  • Both signature and clarification of the person who accomplished the label on the document.
  • The kind of position or employment the person has at the authority.

For private documents

An apostille can first be accomplished after Notary public confirms the party’s signature or competence.

Price list

Prices for our most common services are provided below (all prices include VAT):
Legalisation of a signature on a document – SEK 250
Legalisation of the name and authorisation of an authorised signatory on a document - SEK 450
Legalisation of the names and authorisation of two authorised signatories on a document – SEK 500
Legalisation of a photocopy (on presentation of the original) – SEK 200
Apostille – SEK 325
Services provided outside the office are charged per hour.
Please contact us for other prices.

Documents from abroad

We also have the possibility to provide apostilles/documents by mail abroad (or within Sweden) for an extra service charge (prepayment required).